SC4 and Beyond…!


In the last few days we have completed conversion of all StatCounter projects to our new SC4 platform.

Some of the key differences with this update include:

  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats
  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Improved loading speed of StatCounter code
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support during the period of the conversion – it took much longer than we had wanted or expected so we are absolutely delighted that all members now have access to the improved features.

As mentioned above, our new system provides us with lots of flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer… so we are combing through our forum and support system and putting together an action plan of updates and improvements for StatCounter. In addition, we’d be very grateful for your help…

    • Is there a statistic or feature that you would like to see on StatCounter?
    • If there was one thing you could change about StatCounter what would it be?
    • Is there any way that we could make StatCounter easier to use?
    • How could StatCounter be even more useful to you?

If you have a bright idea, then please post it here!

Any and all suggestions will be of great help to us in charting our way forward as we continue to strive to provide you, our members, with the best service we possibly can.


  1. Hi there!!!!

    You’ve been providing really a very good service. I use this almost for all of my websites. And I’m heartly greatfull for that.

  2. Hi guys! Is it possible to get the stats at as SVG or other formats than flash, i can not install it here. :/

  3. I’ve noticed that once a page gets a certain amount of hits, the hit counter for that page tends to DECREASE!

    Has anyone else found this?

    Can you please fix it? It’s entirely illogical!

  4. One time-saver would be a “custom link” function on the main “My Projects” page which take me to view that I could pre-configure. Now you have icons for “Stats”, “Install Code”, “User Access”, “E-mail” and “Delete” … please add one more icon that takes me to a configurable view of that project.

    In my case this would be: “Visitor Paths” …

    Many thanks for considering this!


  5. I don’t have a bright idea right now or a suggestion, but thank you for all the great work you guys are doing. I look forward to your upcoming developments
    Dr Claude

  6. I love statcounter . I use it for my all websites.
    You are perfect.


  7. How about compensating for proxy servers? Whenever someone uses a proxy server to access my site, Statcounter lists the proxy’s URL as the page visited on my web site. It would be more useful to count it as a visit to the page’s true URL rather than the proxy’s URL.

  8. I’d also like to say, I can’t believe I hit enter with so many typos….

  9. Dood, I just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Y’all run a tight ship; Of all of the website I user daily, I can always count on your service. Thank you.

  10. Not so bothered about iPhone app but certainly a mobile-friendly expression of the site. Might even make me upgrade to paid service.

  11. Thanks Troika.. you are right, that is a simple way to split the results by type, so thats half the solution 🙂

    Now all I need is the brains at StatCounter to do the Most Popular bit.

    I reckon a huge number of site owners would really love this feature and would sign up to Statcounter just for it, so its a feature the team should consider IMO 🙂

  12. A forecast feature will truly help many people. I know it would be too tough for you to build it based on the stats, however if you can develop a certain strategy that would really be helpful for a lot of people who use Stat Counter and indeed will help myself and my clients.

  13. I just posted a compliment to the statcounter team thanking them for fixing the slow loading page problem (as i remember; yesterday). But then, the problem occurs once more after the compliment were made. Statcounter is beginning to becoming very slow loading. Sigh.. 🙁 maybe I shouldn’t thanked them and just keep my mouth shut. (sorry, I’m just being honest.)

  14. I am new to statcounter although it has been on my site for years. I would like to send a thank you response to all that visit my site. Is it possible to capture their mail address so I may do this? If so, please could you instruct me how.

  15. The slow loading issue has been fixed…thnx god! My depression is gone (and I hope it will be forever!).

  16. A small graphic with points (or flags) indicating real time visitors to embed on the site would be nice.

  17. Thanks for the update. Nice to see you are keeping the stats up to date. You can never have enough speed on the net! Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. This is very exciting and congratulations for a great job! Hope iphone app will also included. Thanks.

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