SC4 and Beyond…!


In the last few days we have completed conversion of all StatCounter projects to our new SC4 platform.

Some of the key differences with this update include:

  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats
  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Improved loading speed of StatCounter code
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support during the period of the conversion – it took much longer than we had wanted or expected so we are absolutely delighted that all members now have access to the improved features.

As mentioned above, our new system provides us with lots of flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer… so we are combing through our forum and support system and putting together an action plan of updates and improvements for StatCounter. In addition, we’d be very grateful for your help…

    • Is there a statistic or feature that you would like to see on StatCounter?
    • If there was one thing you could change about StatCounter what would it be?
    • Is there any way that we could make StatCounter easier to use?
    • How could StatCounter be even more useful to you?

If you have a bright idea, then please post it here!

Any and all suggestions will be of great help to us in charting our way forward as we continue to strive to provide you, our members, with the best service we possibly can.

205 comments on “SC4 and Beyond…!

  1. A new StatCounter feature I would love would be the ability to display on my site the most popular pages clicked on my website (eg top 5 or top 10).

    In addition, to add functionality, it would be great if I could filter what pages I want included in this “Most Popular” list to pages that are located in a particular folder(s).

    As an example, taking my own site which is a news site, I would only wish to display news articles in the most popular list as opposed to other pages should as the Frontpage.

    Whether this is a runner, who knows but in the meantime thanks alot for the service you provide!

  2. Im new to this Blogging stuff.. I needed a place to vent.. found your tool threw another blog that recommended it. Interesting to see if anyone is reading my day to day drama.. LOL Thank you

  3. I am addicted to StatCounter and really appreciate the service.

    Thank you so much for doing this and for allow us who are just starting out to have it for free.

    Barry Williams
    Prince of Failure

  4. SC is a fabulous tool. Thank you. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. On the summary page, the averages are inaccurate because they include the partial data from the current day (or month or year etc.) You would get a more accurate average if you did not include the current day or if you pro-rated the current day/week/month by what fraction of it has expired.

    2. It would be nice to have an option in the drop-down menu in the “monthly”, “quarterly” or “yearly” summary stats page called “Since Tracking Began”

    3. On the “monthly” summary stats it would be nice to have a “last 12 months” option available and that be the default so that you see more than a single data point in January.

    4. It would be nice to recognize some of the other less popular search engines and to combine international versions of google into one bucket.

  5. I use my trackers for harrassors and security reasons on the site I work for. Many of these offenders use IP changing software to confuse those who DO use trackers like myself.
    I would like to see Statcounter have some kind of service that can track a common denominator with computers that use this type of software so we can still identify them as a single person.
    The same person can show up with a different city and/or state (or country) and new IP every single time they show up. Mostly to cause trouble.
    By identifying these software users, sites can keep better track of banned individuals who are prohibited from logging in and/or creating a new fake acct with IP changing/hiding software.
    This would be a great help if anything could be added in the future.

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