Calling all Volunteers!!

Hi Folks,

New StatCounter System – In Beta

We have been working on the new and improved StatCounter SC4 system…now we need your help to test it.

A lot of changes have been made ‘under the hood’ and won’t be immediately apparent; however some of the immediate benefits include:

  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats

Testing… Testing… 123…

MOST importantly the new system paves the way for other exciting new features … so watch this space!

How do I try out SC4?

It’s easy!

You need to create a new test project. This code should be added underneath your existing StatCounter code.

Note that you should retain your existing StatCounter code for now… Once the new system is fully operational we’ll convert all projects over to SC4 automatically.

To get started:

  • Login to StatCounter with the “remember me” option
  • Point your browser at this URL
  • If successful the form should now read “BETA TEST SC4 PROJECT SETTINGS” then proceed as normal to install this new code below your current code.

(Note that if you logout and login again you will be directed back to the current StatCounter system.)

Thanks for your help with this – and we’d be delighted to have your feedback posted to the comments of this blog post.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback so far. As the comments are getting a bit crowded we’ve created a new forum for you to discuss your ideas. Please click here to get talking about SC4! (Note: you need to register a forum account in order to post.)

Let the testing begin!

StatCounter Team


  1. Invisible counter doesn’t work. I see just an image placeholder. I also put it on my personal blog at It does the same thing there too.

  2. I’ve noticed that when I go to “drill down” a visitor it logs me never did that before.

  3. We are a QA outsourcing company and we would like to partner you to help you in your QA needs.


  4. I’m also having issues with the new code destroying my own javascript, as someone else has said up above somewhere.

    With the new code added, my own function that normally opens a custom popup window now does nothing at all. There’s something with the second call to the javascript for the SC4 project that’s doing it.

    That really cripples my page, so I can’t have the code on it at all.

  5. All set up – let’s see how it goes!

    Take care and thanks for always improving this service for us all!!!!


  6. I use few months your counter and I’m satisfied. Now I put beta test code, to help testing. Any problems or else I’ll report.
    Thx for your excellent project

  7. I’m liking it so far. I also experienced the huge mismatch between visits on normal and beta… until I discovered that I had not put in the IP activity block on beta, so it was showing my own and my team’s hits. Since fixing that, it’s been in sync.

    Exit Pages does have a few flaws but that’s why this is in beta. For one thing, it does not appear to use the same timezone as general visits.

  8. Just found out that in the regular project, “Visitors path” (my fav. overview page) I had a visitor with “No referring link” and no landing page.
    This visitor was missing in the SC4 test project.
    (Same difference under “Recent visitor activity”)

    I hope it is a bug and not a new feature ;-))


  9. Also experiencing a few glitches, search engine wars numbers are very high, and possibly a small discrepancy due to IP blocking, although I was buggering around with that this morning, so maybe it’s something I did.

    Nothing to do with the beta test, but my recent visitors map says my ISP is somewhere in China, with an IP address registered to an Australian company (I’m in South Africa), so either something’s incorrect, or my ISP is lying to me (probably, the overcharging bastards) & buying things cheap & selling them to me expensive! Ha ha, anyway, SC’s a fascinating & useful product as always.

  10. Installed, but I see a real serious problem with the numbers. The new tracker is telling me that I’ve had 131 visitors so far today. And of those 131 visitors, 6,367 came from Google, 436 came from Yahoo, and 106 came from MSN.

  11. Unfortienately I cannot access the necessary files for all my sites from work, and I will not have time to do much before x-mas. To gain more features in SC sounds promising to me, and I am more than willing to test your future versions. I use SC together with a few other loging systems to check the effect of various changes I do on my web pages.

    And now a request for SC5, could it be possible to get up a page with statistics for all projects? Like compare OS traffic, national traffic and so on between projects?

  12. I just installed this on my blog a few seconds ago and I visited it using a proxy…
    I’m so happy to see that SC4 has _finally_ detected that my browser is Safari 3.0 [and NOT Safari 1.2] and that my OS is MacOSX. 😛

    Since I was using a proxy [], it didn’t detect the proxy’s hostname [only its IP address] nor my screen resolution.

    Anyway, so far, so good. 😀 I’ll be on the lookout for more bugs. Thanks again for this great service. 🙂

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