NEW: Display Uniques on My Projects Page

Hi folks,

You can now change your “My Projects” page to display Unique Visitors instead of Page Views. To make the change:

  • Log in to your StatCounter account
  • Click the ‘My Profile’ link in the top navigation bar
  • my_profile

  • Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button
  • For ‘My Projects Display Metric’ choose Unique Visitors
  • my_projects

  • Enter your password
  • Finally click ‘Update My Profile’

We’re delighted to provide you with this new option and many thanks to the various StatCounter members who requested this. Please keep your feedback and ideas coming!


  1. Both features are important when you analyze your statistics. Unique visitors and page views gives you an idea how many visit your site and how many pages are visited. You hope that each unique visitors browses through more than one page.

  2. Yeah, agreed. Statcounter is by far heads above the rest especially in terms of providing free stats. I’d love to know how many convert to paying…i’d think its pretty high.

  3. What about an SC4 Update 3…. Its been quite a while and exit links are important to have on old blogs!

  4. I have to say – Statcounter is one of my favourite sites online!

    It is so easy to use and there is so much information you can get from the statistics it provides.

    Keep up the excellent work !



  5. A great addition.

    I use two services for stats and you were my first.

    I use both for different reasons, and you are first-rate.

    Congrats on the new feature and I highly recommend statcounters, even for small-time bloggers like me.

    Your customer service is exceptional.

    Also, for new Statcounter users, if you ever have a glitch, give it a couple hours.

    Two times, Statcounter was doing some work on its site and I was impatient and bothered them with queries. They responded to each one but I wasted their time.

    All my stats were still there. Nothing changed.

    It’s a great service. It’s precise.

  6. I still can not believe how come you people are innovating when there is hardly any competition for you. You people are simply the market leaders. Cheers to you. Looking forward to more of your innovations

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